Selecting Your Tile

In order to make the best choice in ceramic tile, you will need to know the following: You can ask our estimator for his recommendations, as there are various sources of quality tile available.

To begin, where will the tile be used? On walls, the floors, or counter tops? Inside or outside?

Will the tile be exposed to wet or freezing conditions? Is it for a residential or commercial use?

Certain tiles should be used in specific situations. You may like the way a tile looks, but it may not be heavy or suitable for your needs.

We can direct you to the local suppliers so you may select the appropriate tile for your situation.

In regard to colour, remember dark colours make a room appear small, while lighter colours open up a room.

Cost is also an important factor. We can give you a cost per square foot which includes materials, labour, and layout design.

We are here to get the job done, help save you time and money.

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