Types and Styles

Tile has a reputation for function and efficiency. Tiles are water resistant and heat reflective. You must consider the application under which your choice of tile can be used, in order to buy the appropriate tile.

There are various types and styles of tiles. It is best that the client visits a showroom and inquires with a Sales Staff to see what tile(s) best suits their need(s).

Here are some tile terms which will be helpful to you.

Glazed tile is white gypsum or terracotta coloured with a coloured glaze used on walls, floors, counter-tops, etc. Comes in several grades.

Pabba tiles are made from clay, shale, or porcelain, and are one-half inch thick and usually used on floors. Pabba tiles absorb water and are not used for wet interior areas, outside areas, or areas that will freeze.

Quarry tiles appear to be made from stone, but are actually made from clay and are usually used for floors, counter-tops, or walls, used indoor/outdoors because of their thickness.

Mosaic tiles are two inches square or smaller, unglazed, and coloured with a pigment. Mosaic tiles can be used on floors, counter-tops, and walls. Can be used to make murals and to conform to odd shapes.

Porcelain tiles consists of a spray dried body of selected clays, kaolinitic minerals, quartz and feldspar, shaped by dry pressing to form a ceramic material that is then fired at temperatures up to 1250oC. Resistant to wear, deep abrasion, chemical attack and frost. A non-absorbent material with great flexural strength.

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